SDK panoramic development tool

Provide a variety of panoramic expansion functions including panoramic stitching algorithm,
panoramic live streaming interface and rapid production calibration algorithm

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Product overview

At this stage, many of the chip companies, Rockchip, Novatek, and iCatch, integrated DSP in their image acquisition chip to give users more DIY space and make their chip more intelligent. Following industry demond, Pisoft transplant original image algorithm to CEVA DSP platform to meet industry needs, accelerate product development and ensure the stability of the product.

DSP improves image stitching performance according to the embedded chip platform and the built-in DSP kernel model. Pisoft algorithm can achieve binocular and multi eye panoramic image stitching within the range of 2.5K/30fps~8K/30fps. Real-time panoramic stitching of 2.5K/30fps vedio has been implemented based on CEVA XM4 128K cache bu Pisoftnow and more image algorithms including steady state, identification, tracking are being transplanted to DSP at the same time.

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Application scenarios

Integrated panoramic broadcast solution, limited transmission bandwidth?
real time image stitching, reduced bandwidth usage

front-end resources limited?
DSP machine stitching, one button share with no transcoding
saving APP resources, easy to combine with more intelligent algorithms.

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