Panoramic sweeper robot

Dead zone free. Give you a home where you can walk barefoot

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Function Brief

Replace the lens of traditional sweeping robot with single fisheye camera to achieve panoramic view from the sweeping robot and create interactive experience.The product can also be used as an indoor mobile remote monitoring equipment.

Observe your living space from a panoramic view of sweeper robot

Create interesting and interactive view experience of product

The product can also be used as an indoor remote mobile monitoring equipment

Technology tracking

Applying Pisofttech panoramic algorithm SDK for Anroid and iOS

Technical architecture diagram

Monocular / binocular fish eye camera collects images

Device end transmits image signals

Remote receive image from mobile terminal

PI panoramic unwrapping algorithm SDK

Image distortion correction
Multiple panoramic preview modes
various dynamic effect and interaction selection

Solution platform






Docking process

Step 1

Product requirement analysis

Determine the overall needs of project

Propose requirements and standards for achieving overall needs

Application scenario analysis

Target population analysis

Hardware scheme analysis

Step 2

Product definition

Determine the software requirements specification file

Allocation of resources and manpower

Definition of functional attributes

Definition of product strategy

Step 3

design and development

Start with requirements specification,

panoramic image stitching is integrated into the algorithm

Real-time PreviewFile replay

Image undistorted / stitched

Multi display modeMedia file management

File codeimage transmissionshare

Step 4

Iterative operation

Change according to requirements or hardware environment

Modify the application in part or all

Stitching algorithm optimization

Software version update