Panoramic Development Tools

Provide one-stop solutions

Panoramic Live Program

Panoramic image stitching

Image Algorithm

Provide technical support for industrial scenarios

Cases and cooperation

Based on panoramic stitching algorithm, provide one-stop full view VR video solution for customers in all fields

Smart House

Motion DV

Commercial shooting

Drive Recorder

Security monitoring

Sweeper robot

Administrative law enforcement

Service flow

Step 1

Product requirement analysis

Determine the overall needs of project

Propose requirements and standards for achieving overall needs

Application scenario analysis

Target population analysis

Hardware scheme analysis

Step 2

Product definition

Determine the software requirements specification file

Allocation of resources and manpower

Definition of functional attributes

Definition of product strategy

Step 3

design and development

Start with requirements specification,

panoramic image stitching is integrated into the algorithm

Real-time PreviewFile replay

Image undistorted / stitched

Multi display modeMedia file management

File codeimage transmissionshare

Step 4

Iterative operation

Change according to requirements or hardware environment

Modify the application in part or all

Stitching algorithm optimization

Software version update