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Shenzhen Pisoftware Technology Co., Ltd., national high-tech enterprise, is one of the earliest panoramic algorithm solution provider in China since 2012. As the only Panoramic + Artificial Intelligence algorithm team invested by ARM in China, Pisoft introduced investment from international chip giants especially those using ARM architecture. Pisoft is the only panorama solution provider on DSP platform all over the world and one of the 12 IP vendors of the global DSP giant CEVA.

Aiming at graphics and image algorithm integration algorithm, Pisoft is currently the largest panoramic + 3D algorithm solutions provider domesticly, providing panoramic IP algorithm to chip companies such as Rockchip, panorama + 3D camera solution to OMD companies such as Wingtech, and core technology of panorama+VR to cloud platforms such as Tencent Cloud.

The company is a light asset and high intellectual property density enterprise. Main products of the company are various forms of panorama related SDK, such as panorama + pattern recognition, panorama + 3D and so on. We are now cooperating with major domestic and foreign Chip cooperation including Allwinner and Rockchip as IP vendor.

development course

Developed the first domestic WEB side
Campus virtual reality (VR) roaming engine


Developed the industry's first 720 degrees
Interactive real estate panoramic camera
Take the first step in the industry application


Launched the world's first to achieve panoramic + 3D film and television level
HD one machine program (8K 30fps)




The first batch of the world began to run
Panorama technology research and development


Launched the first domestic 720 degrees
Panoramic real - time live one machine and interactive system
(PC and embedded two)


Developed 360 degree panoramic camera solution with Rockchip and CEVA

News report

PiSoft with rockchip together with CEVA to develop a 360 degree panoramic camera solution

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), together with Pisoftware Technology Co., Ltd. ("PiSoft"), today announced that PiSoft has developed a complete 360 degree panoramic camera solution for ODMs and OEMs. The solution utilizes the Rockchip RV1108 visual processor which leverages the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP to run advanced imaging and computer vision algorithms, including real-time distortion correction and panoramic stitching. The solution has already been adopted by ODMs and products are available in the market.





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